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Panasonic HPX2700

The Panasonic HPX2700 P2 Varicam is the true successor to the original Varicam.  The HPX2700 records in DVCPRO HD and the new AVC Intra 100 10-bit, 4:2:2, I-Frame, full raster format. Variable frame rates from 1-60 fps in one frame increments, like the original Varicam, provide off-speed specialty shots that can be played back in-camera.  Film-Rec gamma, made popular by the original Varicam, allows for very high contrast scenes up to 600% dynamic range, as well as 10 stops of latitude with AVC Intra and a 3-stage Dynamic Range Stretch capability.

Five 32Gb P2 memory cards provide up to 400 minutes of HD record time in 720/24P Native mode, and 200 minutes in 1080/24P Native mode in AVC Intra 100.  Other recording formats include 720/30P, 720/60P, 1080/30P and 1080/60i and more.  The HPX2700 offers unsurpassed recording capacity with D5 studio quality, as well as reliability and ease of use.  P2 solid state memory cards provide for a proven, dependable work flow for all types of projects, with fast transfer speeds in edit ready, file based formats.

A flip out, color LCD display provides for viewing of live scenes, thumbnails of recorded clips and clip playback.  Frame rates can be changed during recording for special effects shots. The HPX2700 provides unsurpassed flexibility in resolution and frame rates and formats, with time lapse, four channels of audio, multiple gamma options, matrix, color correction, knee, detail, scene and lens file menus.  Chromatic Aberration Compensation(CAC) corrects for color fringing found in many zoom lenses.  Video outputs include three HD SDI BNC video outputs, composite SD, and FireWire.

The HPX2700 comes with five 32Gb P2 cards and a Panasonic PCD20 five card P2 reader, Fujinon XA17X7.6 HD zoom lens and standard support package at no extra charge.

• PDF Manual

CCD Elements CCD x 3 (2/3 inch interline transfer type, 1,000,000 pixel)
Picture Elements Total: 1370 (H) x 744 (V)
Effective: 1280 (H) x 720 (V)
Optical Filters CC: 3200 K, 4300 K, 5600 K, 1/2 ND
ND: CLEAR, 1/4 ND, 1/16 ND, 1/64 ND
Programmable Gain –3 dB, 0 dB, +3 dB, +6 dB, +9 dB, +12 dB, +15 dB, +18 dB, +21 dB, +24 dB, +27 dB, +30 dB
VFR 1 to 60 fps (720/59.94p, 720/60p), 1 to 50 fps (720/50p)
Shutter Speed Shutter Speed1/50 (50 Hz) sec., 1/60 sec., 1/100 (59.94 Hz) sec., 1/120 sec., 1/250 sec., 1/500 sec., 1/1000 sec., 1/2000 sec., HALF 180 deg, 172.8 deg, 144 deg, 120 deg, 90 deg, 45 deg
Syncro Scan Shutter 1/61.7 sec. to 1/7200 sec. (1080/59.94i, 720/59.94p)
1/30.9 sec. to 1/3600 sec. (1080/29.97p, 720/29.97p)
1/24.7 sec. to 1/2880 sec. (1080/23.98p (A) , 1080/24p, 720/23.98p)
1/51.4 sec. to 1/6000 sec. (1080/50i, 720/50p)
1/25.7 sec. to 1/3000 sec. (1080/25p, 720/50p)
Sensitivity F10 (2000 lx, 3200 K, 89.9 % reflect, 1080/59.94i)
Minimum Illumination 1.24 lx (F 1.4, +30 dB) 0.021 lx (F 1.4, +30 dB, VFR=1 FRAME)
Lens Mount 2/3" Bayonet type
Recording Format AVC-Intra 100/AVC-Intra 50/DVCPRO HD Format switchable
Recording Video Signal 48 kHz/16 bits, 4CH (AVC-Intra/DVCPRO HD)
48.048 kHz/16 bits, 4CH (720/60p only)
Recording Media P2 card

Included Standard Support Package

Fujinon XA17X7.6BERM HD Zoom Lens
Fujinon Variable Rate Remote Zoom Control
Sachtler Video 20 Fluid Head and Carbon Fiber Tripod w/Spreader
TV Logic LVM-071W 7” HD LCD Monitor w/Waveform,
   Vector, Focus In Red
Anton/Bauer Titan 70 On-Board AC Power Supply
Empire Scientific V-Mount Li-Ion Batteries
Empire Scientific Dual V-Mount Fast Charger/AC Power Supply
Camera Charts, Manuals, Cables, Cases
Panasonic PCD20, 5 Slot USB 2.0 FW800 P2 Card Reader
Panasonic MSU10 Media Storage Unit w/256Gb SSD


• Fujinon 5.5-47 Wide Angle Zoom Lens
• Letus Ultimate 35mm Cine Adapter w/Nikon, Canon, PL Lens    Mounts
• Nikon 35mm SLR Prime (8)Lens Set
• Cameras/Letus Ultimate
• Chrosziel 4”X4” On-Lens Matte Box
• Chrosziel 4”X4” Matte Box w/Rods
• Zacuto Follow Focus Control w/16” Whip
• Cavision Dual Handles for 15mm Rods
• Tiffen 4”X4”, 4”X6”, 82mm Filters
• Sachtler Studio 7+7 Heavy Duty Fluid Head/Tripod/Spreader
• indiSLIDERpro 3’ Camera Slider
• Panasonic BT-LH1700 17” HD LCD Monitor w/Waveform
• Flanders Scientific LM01770W 17" HD LCD Monitor

• Panasonic BT-LH80 8” HD LCD Monitor w/Waveform
• AJA Hi5 HD SDI/SDI to HDMI Monitor Adapter
• AJA Ki Pro Portable ProRes File Recorder
• FireStore DVCPRO HD On-Board Hard Drive Recorder
• Panasonic EC4 Remote Paint Box
• Lighting
• Audio


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