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HD Fly Pack with Panasonic HS410 Switcher

The Panasonic HS410 production switcher forms the heart of our new HD Fly Pack switching system. This stand alone switcher offers a variety of input and output options, including DVI, VGA, SDI, YRB and HD-SDI for integration of computers, cameras, record/ playback devices, and other sources as well as outputting HD and computer signals. A 23" multi-view monitor is provided so that all sources can be seen on one display. Four auxiliary output buses are provided for simultaneous switched feeds. The HS410 13 inputs and 8 outputs for plenty of power and flexibility in stand alone mode.

The HD Fly Pack terminal rack provides a 16x16 router, 10 HD-SDI distribution amplifiers, sync, time code and test signal generator, 4-channel audio embedder, up/down/cross converter for signal transcoding, analog to digital and digital to analog conversion, analog video and audio distribution amplifiers. An HD waveform/ vectorscope, 21" engineering HD monitor and 2-channel intercom system are included.

We offer a choice of HD cameras, such as Sony HXC-100K HD triax camera systems, Panasonic HPX250/255 P2 camcorders w/fiber optic camera control units and other cameras to be announced. Also available are AJA Ki Pro ProRes and Grass Valley Solo recording decks.

The new SSV HD Fly Pack has the power, performance, flexibility and ease of setup to provide for a very cost effective, yet high quality HD live switch solution.

• Panasonic HS410 PDF Manual

Panasonic AV-HS410 [13 Inputs: (8) HDSDI, (1) DVI-D, (2) DVI-I/VGA. 8 Outputs(assignable): (5) HDSDI, (1) DVI-D, (1) DVI-I/VGA, (1) HD-YRB]
AV-HS04M3 dual DVI-I/VGA Analog Input Board
AV-HS04M5 DVI & Analog Component Output Board

Dell UltraSharp U2312M [Standard Multiview 23" Monitor]

Brighteyes 56 Test Signal Generator/ Timing / LTC Timecode Generator

Blackmagic MiniVideoHub 16x16 3G-HDSDI Router w/(2) Blackmagic SmartControl RouterPanel [XY Panel, Engineering Panel]

OpenGear 20slot Frame w/Redundant Power supply [HD-SDI Processing]
(5) Cobalt 9003 3G HD-SDI DA dual 1x4 EQ/Reclock [8 Input DAs, PGM output DA, SPARE output DA]
Blackmagic Audio Embedder (4 Channel Analog/AES Audio embedder)
Blackmagic Cross Converter [UP/DOWN/CROSS Format converter configured for PGM HD-SDI->SD-SDI]
(3) Open Slots for expansion

AJA FR1 Frame w/Redundant Power supply [SD-SDI processing]
(2) AJA RD5AD Dual Analog Video to SD-SDI 10bit Converter
    [4 Channels of YRB, YC or composite video to SD-SDI conversion]
(2) AJA R20CE SD-SDI to Analog Video 10bit converter
    [2 Channels of SD-SDI to YRB, YC and composite video for PGM + Spare]

Sigma 2100-6 Frame [Analog Processing]
(4) Sigma VEQ-2105 1x6 Analog Video DA [1 Composite Program DA, 2 TriLevelSync DAs, 1 BlackBurst DA]
(2) Sigma ADA-2110A 1x6 Analog Audio DA [2 channels of Audio]

Clearcom 2-Channel Intercom System w/15)Belt-Pack/Headset

Netgear 10/100Mbit Ethernet Swtich

Windows XP Computer System [System setup and control]

Custom Tally Box


Panasonic BT-L2150PJ [Engineering Monitor]
Leader 5330 HD-SDI Waveform Montior/Vectorscope
Blackmagic SmartControl [Engineering Panel w/custom tabletop stand]


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