Shooting Star Video Panasonic AJ-HDX900
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HD & 4K Cameras
• Sony PMW-F55
• Canon EOS C300 PL
• Panasonic HPX250
• Panasonic HPX255
• Sony PMW-EX1
• Sony HXC-100
• Sony HSC-300

Support Equipment
• 35mm Cine Lenses
• Cine Support
• Monitors
• Recorders/Media
• Lighting
• Audio

• HD Fly Pack
 HD Switcher/Scaler
• Cameras
• Multi-Cam Accessories

• Rate Card

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Per Day
Canon EOS C300 PL Super 35mm PL-Mount Digital Cine Camera $325
Sony PMW-F55 4K Digital Cine Camera w/ 2) 64Gb SxS Card, Reader, Base Plate/Rods
Panasonic HPX250 P2 HD Palmcorder w/2)32Gb, 2)16Gb P2 card, P2 card reader 300
Panasonic HPX255 P2 HD Palmcorder w/1)64Gb, 2)16Gb P2 card, P2 card reader 300
Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX HD Palmcorder w/ 2) 32Gb,3) 8Gb SxS Card 250
Sony HXC-100 HD Triax Camera System w/ENG HD Lens, CCU, RCP, Studio Configuration 1200
Sony HSC-300 HD Triax Camera System w/ENG HD Lens, CCU, RCP, Studio Configuration 1200
Sachtler Fluid Head and Tripod/Spreader
AC Power Supplies, Batteries, Chargers, Cables, Cases
Fujinon or Varizoom Remote Zoom Control (where applicable)
In-Camera Memory Cards (where applicable)
Card Reader (where applicable)
On-Camera Shotgun Mic.
Base Plate and 15mm Rod Support (where applicable)
(available w/Camera only)
Nissan NV 2500 HD high roof van w/Arri, LTM Tungsten Lights, Chimera Lightbanks, C-Stands,
Flags, Sandbags, Senior Cart
Canon CN-E PL-mount Cine Prime Lens Set (14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm) $450 or 300 w/cam
Canon CNE-E PL-mount Cine Prime Lens (singles) 75ea. or 50 w/cam
Canon CN-E 30-105 T2.8 PL-mount Cine Zoom 300 or 200 w/cam
GL Optics 11-16mm f2.8 PL-mount Cine zoom 75 or 50 w/cam
GL Optics 18-35mm T1.8 PL-mount Cine zoom 75 or 50 w/cam
Allstar Cine 80-200mm T3.0 PL-mount Cine zoom 75 or 50 w/cam
Fujinon ZA22x7.6 ENG HD Zoom Lens w/Doubler for 2/3” Cameras $225
Fujinon XA17x7.6 ENG HD Zoom Lens w/Double for 2/3” Cameras 125
Century Precision Optics .8X Wide Angle Converter for 2/3" Lenses 50
Century Precision Optics .6X Wide Angle Adapter for Panasonic HPX250 Camera 50
Nikon 35mm SLR Lens Set, 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 85, 105, 135mm (for Nikon F-mount) 150
Letus V2 Rod Support (for Palmcorders)                                             25
Hot Rod Cameras Tuner PL-Mount Adapter, Rod Support Base Plate 50
Element Technica Hybrid Base Plate w/19mm,15mm Studio, LWS rods, 12" Dove Tail 50 or N/C w/30-105
Elements Micron 15mm LWS Base Plate, Rods and 12" Dove Tail 25 or N/C w/30-105
Arri C300 Base Plate w/15mm LWS Rods 50 or N/C w/C300
Arri MMB-1 4X6 Horizontal Wide Angle Matte Box with Top and Side Flags with Rods 50
Arri C300  Shoulder Rig 50
Chrosziel 4"X4" On-Lens Matte Box 50 or 35w/cam
Chrosziel 4"X4" Swing-Away Matte Box with Rods 50
Arri MFF-2 Follow Focus System w/16" Whip 45
Zacuto Follow Focus System w/16" Whip 35
Cavision Dual Handles for Rods 15
Cavision Shoulder Mount 15
Tiffen 82mm, 95mm, 4"X4", 4"X6" Filters - filter inventory 5-8 each
Sachtler Studio 7+7 Heavy Duty Fluid Head and Tripod 70 or 55w/cam
Sachtler Video 20 Fluid Head/Carbon Fiber Tripod/Spreader 55
Sachtler DV8 Fluid Head/Miller tripod 35
Sachtler Wheeled Spreader 35
MYT Works Glider 4' medium Camera Slider w/Sachtler Tripod, 5/8" light stand 100 or 75 w/cam
Leader LV-5330 portable HD Waveform/Vectorscope/Multi-Monitor $150
Panasonic BT-L2150 21" 1080P HD LCD Monitor 100 or 75 w/cam
Panasonic BT-LH1700 17" HD Widescreen LCD Monitor 100 or 75 w/cam
Flanders Scientific LM-1770W 17" HD LCD Monitor with Waveform/Vectorscope 150 or 75 w/cam
Flanders Scientific CM-171 17" HD LCD monitor with Waveform/Vectorscope
150 or 75 w/cam
Panasonic BT-LH80 8" HD Widescreen LCD Monitor with Waveform  100 or 75 w/cam
TV Logic LVM-071W 7" HD Widescreen LCD Monitor with Waveform/Vectorscope 100 or 75 w/cam
TV Logic VFM-056W 5.6" Widescreen HD LCD Monitor with Waveform/Vectorscope 100 or 75 w/cam
AJA Hi5 HD SDI to HDMI Converter 25
AJA Ha5 HDMI to HD-SDI Converter 25
AJA HD-SDI 1x4 DA 25
NEC 19" LCD Widescreen Computer Monitor 50
HP 23" HD LCD monitor w/AJA HD SDI to HDMI 50
AJA Ki Pro Portable Pro Res File Recorder w/2)250Gb Drive $250
AJA Ki-Stor Dock Thunderbolt/USB3.0 Dock for Drives 50
Panasonic 16GB P2 Memory Cards    35ea
Panasonic 32Gb P2 Memory Cards 50ea
Panasonic MSU10 Media Storage Unit w/500Gb HDD, 256Gb SSD 50
Buffalo, G-Tech or Lacie 500Gb Hard Drive 25
MacBook Pro Laptops w/data transfer, viewing and transcoding software 50
Analog Way Di-VentiX 2-Channel Seamless HD Switcher/ Scaler w/SDI/HDSDI $500
Analog Way Pulse 300 Dual Scaler HD Seamless Switcher w/DVI, HD-SDI 250
Analog Way Remote Control w/T-Bar 50
HD Fly Pack with Panasonic HS410 Switcher, Multi-View Monitor 850
Panasonic HS410 Switcher (stand alone) w/Multi-View Monitor 500
Sony C730 7" HD Color LCD Studio Viewfinder (for Sony HXC-100) $200
Panasonic EC4 Remote Paint Box (for Panasonic HPX2700, HPX255 HD cameras) 75
Barco ImagePro HD Converter/Scaler 250
Leader LV-5330 HD Waveform/Vectorscope/Multi-Monitor 150
Black Magic Design HD-SDI to Analog Down Converter 50
Kramer and TV One DVI DA 50
Kramer RGBHV DA 50
Extron RGBHV 1X4 Switcher
Extron or TVOne VGA 1X4 Distribution Amplifier 25
Arri Soft Bank I Light Kit w/Small Chimera Lightbank $90 or 50w/cam
LTM Pepper (3) 420W Fresnel Light Kit 80 or 50w/cam
Chimera Lightbanks-Video Pro, Quartzbank, Pancake 10-50 each
Kino Flo 4'x2-Bank Flouro Light w/3200k, 5500k Bulbs 35ea
Kino Flo 2'x2-Bank Fluoro Light w/3200K, 5600K Bulbs 25ea
Kino Flo 2'x4-Bank Fluoro Light w/3200K, 5600K Bulbs 45ea
DN Labs 1200W HMI Par Light 125
Rosco 1'x1' Litepad LED panel light 45
Lowel Omni/Tota Kit w/Umbrellas (4 Heads) 45 or 25w/cam
Frezzi 12V Camera Light 15
F&V Bi-Color 1'x1' LED Kit (3 Heads) 90
Ikan LED Camera Light 15
C-Stand w/Gobo Head 5
6'x6' Frame, Silk, Nets, Black/White Griffolyn 50
6'x6' Ultra Bounce 5
6'x6' Muslin 5


Audio Pkg. w/Schoeps, Tram Mics, Mixer, Boom $100 or 50w/cam
Lectrosonics Wireless Mic. System w/Tram Mic. 50 or 40w/cam
Fostex 6301BX Audio Monitor 10
Aphex 1X4 Audio Distribution Amplifier 25
Clearcom 2-Channel Intercom Power Supply 35
Clearcom Belt-Pack w/Headset 15 each
6'X6', 8'X8' Green Screen $50
10'X15'-12'x24' Painted Muslin Backdrops - Assorted Colors 75
Delivery and Pickup within 50 miles each way  75
Crew Upon Request Call/Email

Rentals subject to terms and conditions of our rental contract.
Major credit cards accepted. $100 minimum rental.


















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